Growing-up from a child to a teenager can be a strange and awkward time, and for Orphi this is especially true. For all of his young life, this homeless boy has kept a dark, magical secret all to himself, but when a stranger begins to suspect there’s something uncanny about Orphi, his life is turned upside down.

The Shadowpath books tell a modern, urban fairytale of weird superpowers, ancient magic, strange allies, and a world being torn apart by crazed, selfish adults.

Into The Shadowpaths, the collected adventures of Orphi, is available now on Kindle! Cost-wise, it’s better value to buy this one volume than the three separate ones, so if you haven’t already delved into the darkness click here to access the Amazon page.

Alternatively, you can explore the original books (and reader’s reviews) by clicking the cover pics by graffiti supremo Kid30  >